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Understand your data
make better and faster

"…very effective developers. Highly recommended (and we're fussy)"— Ben Carey, CEO at This Ad Will Change Your Life

DataMine Lab has worked with clients across many industries, highlighting the
value of our services across different sectors.

We have previously worked with start-ups, technology companies and ad
networks. You can read about some of our previous clients below.

A selection of our customers

Check our process to see how we work
and what we do.

Our customers

  • Ad4Game

    Ad4Game is an online gaming Ad Network which delivers many millions of gaming related ads every day.
    Ad4Game is a simple and effective ad network suitable for gaming advertisers and publishers of all sizes.
    Tech: OpenX, Algorithms, Big Data, Optimization

  • CognitiveMatch

    Cognitive Match joins acquisition and conversion targeting, to increase click-through rates, sales and margin.
    DataMine Lab helped CognitiveMatch in creating a data warehouse and analytics solution based on clickstream data gathered by CognitiveMatch.
    Tech: Hadoop, Amazon Web Services

  • eCourier,

    eCourier is powered by a technology platform which brings together mobile computing, Location Based Services, a Web 2.0 application, and a real-time optimisation algorithm. eCourier is a technology-enabled services company providing ASAP on-demand same day courier services.
    Tech: Algorithms, Software Development

  • CertiVox

    MIRACL (CertiVox) is a startup that develops information security infrastructure as a service. DataMine Lab helped CertiVox to prototype advertising-based monetizing software.
    Tech: OpenX, Amazon Web Services

  • GrapeShot

    Grapeshot targeting platform empowers online advertising companies and helps to maximise the effectiveness of online advertising.
    Tech: OpenX, Amazon Web Services

  • OpenX,

    OpenX is the world’s leading independent provider of digital advertising technology that enables businesses to manage and
    maximize their ad revenue. OpenX provides enterprise and open source solutions for advertising.
    Tech: Optimisation algorithms

  •, is a search marketing and search engine optimisation company that has driven top rankings for numerous clients that range
    from startups to large, international corporations.
    Tech: Web Analytics

  • Smarta,

    Smarta is a support platform for business owners and entrepreneurs. Tech: OpenX

  • Unanimis

    The largest exclusive digital advertising adnetwork in UK. DataMine Lab created an entire data warehouse solution which analyses
    terabytes of advertising data using Hadoop.
    Tech: Hadoop, Amazon Web Services

  • Venatus Media

    Venatus Media is an ad network which works with numerous gaming publishers and advertisers.
    Tech: OpenX, Amazon Web Services

  • Skimlinks

    Skimlinks is a London-based company started in 2006. Their key product is a simplified affiliate marketing tool for publishers that turns product references into monetizable shopping links.

  • Scribol

    Scribol provides publishers with a module, which displays recommended stories from partners in their network. Stories are targeted both editorially and algorithmically to the themes and audience of their site by the recommendation engine.