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Become data drive
make smarter

"…smart and driven, they actually care about making you successful"—Brian Spector, CEO at CertiVox

What we do

Our technology

“…In the modern world, data is everywhere. If this data is going to be useful, it needs analysis – and it needs the very latest technology to do it justice. This is where Datamine Lab comes in, generating analysis and developing solutions that add value to businesses.”

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In order to make your business a success, you need to understand your market. Our customers often come to us with data that is in need of analysis and a desire to make an impact on their business. We take the information they give us and apply the latest technologies to help them understand trends and ideas that can be found in their data, enabling them to find value in the information they have.

For example, we do a lot of work for companies in the advertising industry. In such a competitive market, it is vital that our clients really understand the people they are targeting and know how to get the best results.

We look at different aspects of their marketing campaigns to work out how they can achieve this. How many people view their ads, which ads generated the biggest number of clicks and which ad generated the most revenue are examples of things we look for to help our clients understand what they have achieved – and where they can improve.

To do all of this, we use the latest technology to generate the most accurate, effective results possible. We make use of techniques such as cloud computing, data mining, machine learning and web analytics to allow us to analyse data from a range of perspectives so that we can condense it down into useful information. This information is then used to help businesses generate more revenue, cut costs and generally learn more about their market.

  • In brief, we:

    • Offer a comprehensive range of business intelligence and consulting services to add value to your business, turning your raw data into evidence that can really make a difference.
    • Analyse large amounts of data using cloud computing.
    • Work on web analytics, data mining and machine learning projects.
    • Provide with real-time analytics
    • Work with online advertising data.
    • Work to two week delivery cycles so you will receive the results of your data analysis while it is still fresh and relevant, meaning it will have maximum impact.

Our process and how we work

We make sure that our clients’ businesses are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Discovery

    Explore your data

    The first step in any project is for us to learn about your business and its needs. We’ll take a look at your existing data and other resources to get a better idea of how we can transform your ideas into useful, practical business solutions.

  • Design & Development

    Design the best solution

    Once we have a good idea of what you do and what you are looking for, we apply data mining and other techniques to your data. Wherever possible, we make use of open source software to help us analyse your data and find the answers you are looking for.

  • Delivery & Maintenance

    Deliver a successful product

    When we have finished the data analysis, we will transform this into a product that will add value to your business and break down the results very clearly for you. In our work, we focus on quality and simplicity to make sure your resulting product will be easy to extend and update as your business grows and you acquire new data.

Read more about the technology we use, or get in touch.