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Discover patterns
in data

DataMine Lab is a data mining and business intelligence company We provide data and software consulting to the advertising industry


In the modern world, data is everywhere. Once companies might have had to make do with customer surveys and basic analysis of statistics, but the huge technology boom has led to developments that allow businesses everywhere to amass literally millions of pieces of data on a regular basis.

If this data is going to be useful, it needs analysis – and it needs the very latest technology to do it justice. This is where DataMine Lab comes in, generating analysis and developing solutions that add value to businesses and the data they collect. In order to do this, we use a range of software capabilities.


Here is an outline of a typical data analysis project to give you a better idea of the work we do:

    • First, we take your data to the Amazon Cloud, which allows us to analyse the information as easily as possible. We can work with Lambda or Kappa architecture and typically stream the input data into Kafka or Kinesis.
    • We understand the need for on-premise data centres and often work with bare metal servers ourselves. Both Docker and Kubernetes are great choices for deploying services.
    • We use open source software such as Apache Spark or Hadoop to mine and further analyse the data from many perspectives with the focus on generating useful set of results for your business.
    • We use various databases to achieve specific goals. Column-based databases such as Redshift, NoSQL, Timeseries database and others
    • Our developers once worked as the core team of OpenX and we are experts in advertising-related technology.

Wherever possible, we like to make use of open source data technologies as we believe this provides the best solutions for our clients – at affordable prices.

Would you like to see what we could do for you? Get in touch.